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TIM GAGNIER, GRANITE BAY VENTURES Jim Esway is one of the most diligent real estate professionals that we have had the pleasure of doing business with. His ability to find opportunities that may have otherwise not presented themselves is extremely important in this aggressive market place. Jim has a very unique and competent understanding and perspective of real estate as he sees the deals from both broker and developer point of view. We are grateful for this relationship. 


PHIL LAURER, VALLEY COMMERCIAL CONTRACTORS Valley Commercial Contractors has had the opportunity to work with Jim Esway for the past seven years on various multi-million dollar projects including shell and tenant improvement construction for office buildings in Roseville. Crossroad Ventures Group has been very responsive to our general contracting needs during the course of construction. As a General Contractor, receiving such information as RFI’s (request for information), finish color selections and approved change orders is essential in maintaining the construction schedule. Jim understands the importance of providing this information to us in a timely manner so the client is not affected by time delays or constraints.

Crossroad Ventures Group provides value to its clients during the entire development process from start to end. They are often directly involved in the initial design phase of the project and throughout the course of construction and lease-up. Jim provides a seamless process for the owner and they create value by being hands on through proactive construction management. They review, evaluate, and equate costs associated with each project and assist with value engineering ideas or strive to create new solutions that will enable the project to be built on time, on budget and with fewer change orders.

Crossroad Ventures Group strives to create long-term lasting relationships with their clients by ensuring them the best possible service, knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate and development industry. This is established by being genuine and sincere with each of their clients. Their personal attention to each of their clients is clearly demonstrated by the way clients are treated. This is what elevates Crossroad Ventures Group above their competition.


BARRY AZARCON, KELLY & SWAIN, INC. We chose Jim because he is an expert’s expert who conducts his business with uncommon integrity and unsurpassed value. His high level of experience in development, leasing and sales combined with his ability to put the clients first, enables him to craft solutions superior to his peers. We worked with others for 12 months and thought we knew every opportunity in our market. Jim immediately brought new, better opportunities to us and found a solution for us within 45 days. He is a uniquely talented and knowledgeable professional.


LARRY BUNN, DOVE DEVELOPMENT Several years ago I purchased a prime piece of commercial land in Folsom California to construct a senior housing project. As time passed, I decided to change directions and not develop this project. I spoke with my senior housing specialist in real estate. He referred me to Crossroad Ventures Group and Jim Esway whom he recommended as a point man in commercial real estate development.

As time passed with Jim’s recommendation I decided to develop a medical office complex for sale and lease. With Jim’s help I was able to purchase an adjoining property that doubled the size of the project to include nine commercial professional office buildings with a total of 56,000 square feet of office space. I then hired Jim as the project manager, leasing and sales agent, and a consultant in financing and development.

With Jim’s referrals we have selectively chosen specific lenders to refinance an $11 million facility that I own in Washington state and also to secure a construction loan of approximately $10 million to finance the development and construction of the shells for the new medical office complex in Folsom. During the development phase while our project was still in plan development and review, Jim successfully completed two contracts. The first of the buildings to sell was sold for approximately $2 million, and the second building has a contract with a lease, with option to purchase in 1 year for approximately $4 million.

Jim’s business contacts have brought together an exceptionally successful $10 million development that is well within budget of our profit expectations. Jim and his wife Kathy have become personal friends and highly valued business associates. I highly recommend Jim and his firm without any reservation to individuals who are developing real estate ventures, and who are seeking a highly skilled and professional commercial real estate firm.


BRENT KOCAL, KOCAL PROPERTIES, INC. It is a pleasure working with Jim Esway and the staff at Crossroad Ventures Group to establish commercial common interest developments. They provide quick response to our requests for information and are consummate professionals.

While working together, I view Jim and his staff as partners because they are truly open to discussion on creating great commercial owners associations and have the best interests of the future occupants in mind throughout the decision-making process. They genuinely care about the quality of the product they provide and the overall happiness of their customers.


STEVEN L. TAGGART, SKCS DEVELOPMENT I am writing this as a recommendation of Jim Esway without exception. Jim helped me from the start of my project as a 2.5-acre empty lot to its completion as a 55,000 RSF 3 story Class A office building in Roseville. He completed his services with the lease-up of the building, including lease negotiations, lease formatting and revisions. He was a “Class A” help and became a friend in the process.

Jim has the background in real estate development, construction management and brokerage service that make his package a complete service to those who want their project to move forward with minimum resistance. He is able to work through the permit process, the architectural design process, the shell and core construction and TI specification and completion. His recommendations are knowledgeable, timely, thorough and cost and market sensitive. He has good rapport with the contractors, architects and city officials and works with them efficiently.

As to his personal characteristics, he is reliable, thorough, efficient, responsive and ethical. He deserves your strongest consideration for your venture and has my highest regard.


STEVE GARLAND, WESTERN SIERRA BANK Western Sierra Bank has had the opportunity to work with Jim Esway in three significant projects over the past 5 years. In each engagement Jim has exceeded expectations. Jim and his team developed our corporate headquarters office building and provided construction management services which ultimately saved our bank over $500,000 in overall project costs. Additionally, Jim was successful in developing a 55,474 RSF office building in Roseville which was built and leased on a speculative basis. We are currently working with Crossroad Ventures Group to solidify a construction loan for a $12 million office project known as Willow Creek Medical Office Park. CVG will develop this 55,000 SF office project and provide an unprecedented 40% preleasing/presale to the project prior to construction. In each case Jim provides valuable insight and credibility to the Bank and the owner through development management and sales and leasing acumen. Jim helps reduce the overall risk to the bank and to the owner through his preleasing and presale efforts, the very reasons he has gained his reputation for delivering a quality project on time and on budget. Jim understands how to manage the details and deliver the results.


JOHN ESWAY, CATLIN PROPERTIES Jim Esway happens to have the perfect combination of experiences to be a great asset to my development deals. He has been involved in over a thousand real estate transactions as a broker, and was trained by one of the best commercial real estate development companies in the business. He brings more experience to the table than any other broker I have worked with. He is a major part of my profit center and I feel very fortunate because he happens to be my younger brother.


BRAD BARRON, CLC INC. It is with great pleasure that I offer my strong endorsement of Jim Esway and Crossroad Ventures Group. From assisting us with locating the right opportunity and developer to guiding us through the negotiation process, Jim’s knowledge and expertise proved invaluable. Throughout each of the many steps of our project, Jim was right there offering solutions in the most professional manner. We are thrilled with our office building and look forward to having the opportunity of working with Crossroad Ventures Group in the future.


DOUG LINDLEY, FIRST INSURANCE SERVICE Jim made our transaction happen. In each transaction, there’s a point where things can go either toward the close or away from it. When this happened with us, Jim steadied the other party and brought them to the closing table. At the crossroads, we were glad to have Jim on our side. My partner and I won’t hesitate to have Jim with us as we enter our next venture. It is difficult to put a price on what Jim brought to our transaction; simply put, without him the deal wouldn’t have happened. So, what exactly is that worth? Well, to us, it meant everything. We were in the market for a new building for our operations and Jim’s intimate knowledge of the commercial market and current offerings led us to the perfect solution.